SOFT SHACKLE IMPROVED NEW DESIGN, Easiest to use for Off Road 4×4 self recovery

Soft Shackles

Soft Shackles 3 sizes


We have re-invented the soft shackle!
Our new 2 colour shackles have been completely re-designed
the weak draw strain has gone, opening and closing is now so simple, so easy you will be amazed! a protective sleeve has been added too make them even more durable
See the picture with “easy open loop”
These Super strong soft shackles will make you wonder why you ever used the metal ones, fantastic for self recovery, off road, green laning
incredibly light, easy to use, the best safety innovation in the recovery world for years, (not for lifting)
We have rated these new soft shackles “Small, Medium & Large”
but check the specs and break strains, there is nothing small about them!

Soft shackles are rapidly replacing conventional steel shackles they are light weight, strong, and much safer to use, they don’t damage your kit, will fit through your belt loop so they are always at hand, and if something breaks, the metal shackle will to become a deadly missile causing serious damage or injury. If you have never tried a soft shackle, nows the time to treat yourself you will not be going back to metal!

Super Strong and they float!

We supply 3 sizes, which are colour coded, branded, and clearly show size and weight see spec below

Green/Black  75mm loop Soft Shackle , Diameter 6.3mm X 27cm  length, Breaking strength 5576 KG

Yellow/Black 125mm loop Soft Shackle , Diameter 8mm X 36cm  length, Breaking strength 9384 KG

Red/Black  150mm loop Soft Shackle  Diameter, 9.5mm X 48cm  length, Breaking strength 12690 KG

Please choose the size you need carefully taking into consideration breaking strains, All vehicle recovery operations are dangerous and should only be undertaken by competent persons, the area must be made safe and all persons made to stand a safe distance before any work is undertaken

Additional information

Weight .3 kg