Kinetic ropes


KERRS Ropes ( Kinetic energy recovery rope)

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Made from 2 core Polyamide 66, coated with PU Polyurethane

30% Elongation!, these are serious kit at a great price

Please allow a 4-1 margin when selecting your rope, our suggestions are just a guide. Suggested use Land rover, Jeep.

Kinetic ropes should only be used by competent persons when it is safe to do so, all users and bystanders must be kept well clear, anchor points must be capable of taking the load a KERR rope can store


18mm x 8 metre Kinetic rope Breaking strength 7000kg (15400lb) green loop

24mm x 8 metre Kinetic rope  Breaking strength 12000kg (26400lb) yellow loop

32mm x 8 metre Kinetic rope Breaking strength 21000kg (46200lb) red loop

Material–POLYAMIDE 66
coating – PU Polyurethane
Does not kink
No memory
Elongation 30%
Easy handling
UV resistant
Acid and Alkaline resistant
hydroscopics: Non Porous

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