12 mm Dynapro Synthetic winch rope with or without hawse, lengths up to 45metre 13500kg Break Strain


12mm Dynapro Synthetic winch ropes in  longer lengths up to 45metre 13500Kg Break Strain

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Strength: On a weight for weight basis Dynapro UHMWPE is 15 times stronger than steel wire.

Weight: Strength for strength UHMWPE is 8 times lighter than steel wire.

Resistance: UHMWPE is UV resistant, water resistant. It is hydrophobic, which means it does not absorb water and chemically inert.

It does not kink and does not splinter. It is also extremely safe as there is virtually no recoil.

Specification:UHMWPE coated 12 strand rope with drum terminal and heat protection, wear protection at the hook end. Stainless steel thimble, WLL 3.15 ton competition hook. Optional polished billet alloy hawse.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 10 cm