Bow Shackles


BOW SHACKLE Heavy duty CE marked off road 4×4 recovery colour coded screw pins

Size required (Tons / Inches) *


5 Sizes with colour coded screw pins

Essential for recovery, off road

Our commercial shackles are intended for recovery and off road and not for lifting
and are marked as below, no other documentation is supplied

Powder coated with WLL, Size, & CE marks


5/8′” 3.25 ton (2949KG) WLL pin size 18.8mm

3/4″ 4.75 ton (4309KG) WLL pin size 22.5mm

7/8″ 6.5 ton (5699KG) WLL pin size 25.4mm OUT OF STOCK

1″ 8.5 ton (8636KG) WLL pin size 27.25mm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg