Battery to winch extension cables for Land Rover Defender 4 Metres includes Battery Isolator


HI-FLEX  35MM2 PVC Battery / Welding Cables

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4M cables in red and black with suitable lugs

One piece black 4 m long, one piece red 3.7m long, 1 piece red .3m long, battery isolator with 2 keys

Made from HI-Flex Class 6 battery / welding cables with extra flexible

Copper conducting core with durable PVC insulation

Manufactured to BS EN/IEC 60332-1, BS EN 60228

Bending radius 6 x diameter

A superior quality cable for welding, battery connections, winches, inverters, jump leads, in fact any application that requires a high quality cable with minimum current loss

Options available:

With or without Anderson connector

WINCH-IT make up these cables as above or to customers specification using Hi -Flex class 6 top quality cable,  annealed and tin plated copper lugs, crimped with a MosdorferCCL 16ton hydraulic 4 action crimper, not the cheaper type of hexagon crimp, our lugs DO NOT COME OFF

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