4×4 Recovery Tracks 10ton RED


10T recovery Tracks

Measures  L 107.2 x W 31.1 x H 7 cm

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In RED   made from Semi Crystalline Thermoplastic (very tough)
Measures  L 107.2 x W 31.1 x H 7 cm
These great tracks interlock for neat storage, they have anchor points so you can peg / tie them down for extra grip, 
The undersides have a deep imprint with location lugs ensuring the track grips the ground surface well
The studs on the top surface are varied for fantastic grip to tyres
These will get your 4×4, boat, caravan, car, out of trouble quickly and easily
They are amazingly strong
Included is a storage bag, and of course they come properly boxed
Beware of the weaker boards for sale, these are 10TON, a quality product from WINCH-IT

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 10 cm